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6 reasons to outsource your logistics

What is outsourcing ?

According to the dictionary, outsourcing (externalisation in French) is the action of outsourcing a process to an external company. It is a strategic management tool for a company and has an impact on its organisation. It requires precise management by the client company and a serious commitment from the external service provider.


1. Benefit from the expertise of the logistics provider

By outsourcing your supply chain, you benefit from the expertise of your service provider. They know their business inside out and are able to adapt to your changing needs.

2. To be supported in the development of the business

Your logistics provider is a true partner. He will accompany you in your logistics outsourcing process, offer you tailor-made solutions and set up an appropriate organisation to enable you to develop your business serenely.

3. Improving reliability

In addition to avoiding errors in order preparation or any other stage of the supply chain, the logistician is also able to provide you with tools to control the quality of the process (stock, returns, anomalies, etc.). Improving your reliability will give you a competitive advantage and improve customer loyalty.

4. Focus on your business

Entrusting your logistics to a trusted service provider frees up your time and resources to focus on your core business. Each party masters its field of activity and optimises it to gain in expertise and efficiency.

5. Reduce costs

This is one of the main reasons for thinking about outsourcing the supply chain. The financial aspect is a key issue for any company. The logistician pools his storage space, equipment, manpower and means of transport. This enables them to offer you a service at a low cost.

6. Gaining flexibility

In some sectors, peaks in activity are very high. It is therefore necessary to be able to rely on a service provider capable of managing these changes in volume. Thanks to its experience and its material and human resources, it adapts to variations and allows you not to be held back and not to generate errors or delays in delivery.



Who are we?

Located in Mazamet (Tarn, France), the Groupe BLAZQUEZ specialised in the road transport for 50 years and more recently in e-commerce logistics.

In 2010, Manuel BLAZQUEZ, the company's current president, took over the company Transports CABROL, which was created in 1970.

Ambitious, he has since strongly developed the company by grouping together other transport structures: TRANSEURO and TRANSWAY have successively reinforced the capacity of Transports CABROL.

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