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How to scan a consignment note with your smartphone?

Like us, you are probably tired of receiving consignment note that are blurry, illegible, badly framed or with a steering wheel in the background ...

We have found the solution to stop this happening! A solution that is easy to implement and above all ... FREE!


1. Download the application « GENIUS SCAN » (available on IOS and ANDROÏD).

2. Press + and then take a picture of your consignment note by pressing Scan.

3. Press the Edit tab and then Crop.

4. The orange frame must match the 4 corners of the consignment note (press a corner to move it to the right position).

5. Press the Filters tab and then Black and White.

6. At the top, press the date and then rename your document with the OT number.

7. Press the arrow at the bottom right of the screen and send the document by Email.


Download the practical sheet in French

1 Scanner une lettre de voiture FR
Download PDF • 840KB

Download the practical sheet in English (for charterers)

1 How to scan a CMR with a Smartphone
Download PD • 807KB


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