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Castres Olympique talks about the Groupe BLAZQUEZ in its newsletter

The Blazquez Group has been a partner of Castres Olympique (CO) for over twenty years. Find below an extract from the Castres Olympique newsletter for November 2020 (extract distributed with the club's permission)


In this section, you are invited to give news about your company to other entrepreneurs : news, projects..., this space is yours, give yourself news!


France is currently experiencing a second period of lockdown. A difficult period for many companies, how is your group managing this situation?

On the point of hygiene and safety, since the first lockdown, we have put in place a process that has not changed. Each of our employees has been equipped with fabric masks bearing the company's logo, hydroalcoholic gel is available and we respect the safety distances.

As for our activities, they continue to develop as we work in the field of transport, which is an essential sector for the country's economy to remain stable.

In October we moved to new premises at 47 bis rue des Auques in Aussillon and we also bought a new warehouse to expand our storage and shipping offer for E-Commerce.

We also offer this solution to local businesses that are forced to close during the lockdown period.

Offices of Groupe BLAZQUEZ (TRANSWAY, CABROL and TRANSEURO companies)

Impacted by the huis-clos (closed doors in French), our Pierre Fabre Stadium remains a showcase for communicating and displaying your colours, even without our 10,000 souls, this stadium lives with your visibility media. Overview of Pierre Fabre : Your company is promoted at the Pierre Fabre stadium through the dressing of the benches. Why did you choose this location rather than another?

As a freight forwarding and warehousing company, the relationship with our customers is paramount. A parallel can be drawn between this proximity to our customers and the fact that the Blazquez panel is as close as possible to the players, on the bench.

People are at the heart of our business and we do everything we can to meet our customers' needs, we have to be responsive and listen to them just as the coach has to be during a match.

Groupe BLAZQUEZ sponsors Castres Olympique rugby club

Groupe BLAZQUEZ sponsors Castres Olympique club


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