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The Groupe Blazquez on the front page of the Castres Olympique partners club

A faithful partner of Castres Olympique for several years, the Groupe BLAZQUEZ, and more precisely Blazquez CABROL, was honored last month in the newsletter of CO partners.

Our president, Manuel Blazquez, was interviewed to explain our situation and the adaptations we had made at the heart of the health crisis. Thanks to the CO for hearing from us. See you soon around the Top 14 grounds.

BLAZQUEZ is on the cover of Castres Olympique
Remember 2018! We were already partners and we were proud to be.

How are your company's activities organized during this period of lockdown?

Our transport and logistics activity has continued (almost) normally since the start of the health crisis. Obviously we had to adapt. We have introduced a number of health and safety processes (both for our customers and for our employees). A small part of the administrative staff has been teleworking for almost 1 month. On the other hand, our logistics agents (in the warehouse) and our drivers mostly stayed at their workplace or behind the wheel (!); even if the daily life of the latter has not always been very simple. We thank them. We have implemented new solutions to make "life easier" for our customers. For example, we have developed a web-based service for direct entry of transport orders, printing of tags and tracking of parcels. We also offered daily pick-ups, adapted to our customers' needs. We really tried to adjust our services to the situation. What are your opening hours and any access facilities during this period?

We have not changed our working hours. Our premises remain open every day from 8am to 6pm. Loading is carried out as usual - always in compliance with hygiene regulations. Naturally, contact with our customer-sponsors is exclusively by telephone - except in emergencies. Any words or thoughts for the other members of the CO partner network?

We hope that each of them has come through the crisis as well as they can. Above all, we hope that they are doing well. Whatever their economic situation (and we know that it is complicated for some), we must hold on. We will get back on our feet TOGETHER. Looking forward to returning to the Pierre Fabre Stadium and our team when the health situation permits?

It is certain that the absence of rugby games did not disturb our minds during this period. However, to say that we do not miss the Saturday matches would be a lie! We can't wait to get back to Pierre-FABRE and our CO. Will it be this spring, this summer or this autumn? It doesn't matter, the most important thing is that we can go there with peace of mind! The CO-VIRUS will win!!!


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