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Groupe BLAZQUEZ signs the Employment Ambassador Charter!

The decision of AFT TRANSPORT & LOGISTIQUE has fallen. The Groupe BLAZQUEZ obtains the "Ambassadeur de l'Emploi" (Employment Ambassador) Charter for all of its entities and thus commits until 2024.

The Groupe BLAZQUEZ obtains the Employment Ambassador certification for its three entities (CABROL, TRANSWAY and TRANSEURO)

A consecration that values all the actions implemented in terms of employment and social responsibility.

This confidence drives the group to persevere on this path, whether in terms of recruitment, promotion of our businesses and our employees.

The reasons for such membership

The Groupe BLAZQUEZ is aware of its social and societal responsibility. Employees are essential to the functioning of the company, their well-being is a priority in order to retain them.

« In some ways, the sector has a rather bad reputation. The image of Epinal is that of the truck driver spending his life in his truck. This reputation stems from poor communication on the plethora of existing trades: whether it be chartering, operation, logistics, administration, sales [...] The group wishes to emphasize these trades and value them » testifies Terry DAUCE, quality manager of the group

By subscribing to the charter, the Groupe BLAZQUEZ is convinced that contacts with employment stakeholders will create a virtuous synergy. A partnership beneficial to all.

Actions in favor of employment and professions

Various actions are planned under the Charter between now and 2024:

1. Promoting transport and logistics professions

• Organize school visits to the company premises

• Welcoming students as part of internships or training periods in a professional environment

• Promoting the sector on social networks

2. Optimize recruitment

• Participate in job dating

• Welcoming job seekers in professional immersion

• Recruit through work-study

• Recruit through employer groups

3. Support and value employees

• Implementation of sports coaching sessions

• Flexible hours

• Support a benefits policy

• Promote social dialogue

• Addiction awareness

We would like to thank the members of AFT and all of our partners for their assistance and support.


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